quality and freshness for more than fifty years

The fruit and vegetable company, Ortofrutticola Filippi, has been in this trade for more than fifty years.

All of our products stand for quality and freshness. We produce and sell fresh fruit and vegetables, and our production areas are based in the Maremma, as well as in one of Italy’s most important areas for agriculture, The Cimini Mountains, where the production of chestnuts, hazelnuts and maroons is widely attested.
We grow fruit and vegetables both in a rich ground that was once covered by the sea (The Maremma), and in volcanic soils, The Cimini Mountains.

Thanks to its geophysical features along with our careful work and an accurate selection, we manage to produce excellent fruits, which bear the taste of the land where they have grown and of the history they represent.
In our work we do our best to perpetuate the peculiarities and traditions of our territory, using at the same time new agricultural technology in order to preserve products which have been present in Rome and Lazio for a thousand years. We can deliver and sell fruit and vegetables all over Italy and Europe, quickly and efficiently.

Cimini chestnuts and maroons

the taste of the Mountains

Maroons and chestnuts are produced in the lands of The Cimini Mountains

The land where chestnuts groves grow is of volcanic origins, ranging between 400 and 800 metres of height. The chestnuts and maroons produced in this area have a considerable size, and their specific weight is 10% more than the chestnuts from other areas.

The main elements which contribute to this result are: the pedo-climatic, social and structural conditions which have determined the vocation of this land towards its products.

With more than three thousands hectares of chestnuts groves, The Cimini Mountains produce 15% of the chestnuts and maroons of Italy.

La Selva Cimina, già menzionata da Tito Livio nella sua monumentale storia di Roma e da Plinio il Vecchio che ricorda le meraviglie della Faggeta, da secoli è zona di produzione di castagne e di marroni. Questi elementi peculiari ambientali e climatici, unitamente alla secolare e tradizionale opera dell’uomo che vi abita, grazie alle sue capacità colturali, alla continua ricerca ed alla messa in atto di tradizionali e specifiche tecniche, con particolare riguardo ad una costante opera di miglioramento, hanno contribuito a creare una vera cultura della castagna e del marroni con tutti gli annessi risvolti in termini economici, agronomici e gastronomici, evidenziati dalla letteratura agricola e scientifica.

The harvest of chestnuts and maroons takes place in October and is done mainly with agricultural machines. After the product reaches our factory, it is sterilized and selected manually, to be finally packaged (from 0.5 to 1.000 Kg) in order to satisfy our customers’ requests.



In the past, in the area called Maremma, the Etruscan civilization settled on the sites of Vulci, Tarquinia and Cerveteri had a central role in the commercial trade of the Mediterranean sea.
The Maremma was the place of birth of three Roman kings, and that same harsh Maremma was mentioned by the poet Dante in his works. The Maremma is also the place where the ”Etruscan man laughed”, in the words of Vincenzo Caldarelli.
The most appreciated food comes from this area: fennel, broccoli, asparagus, potatoes and melons. Our company specializes in the production of Roman artichokes and watermelons.


It looks like a flower, and the traditional Roman recipes exalt its taste and qualities.; the Roman artichoke is always present in Roman restaurants and houses.
Cultivated in domestic vegetable gardens since ancient times, it was put on the market after World War I and is still one of the most traditional and typical vegetables of the people living in the regions of central Italy.
After World War II, the production of artichokes increased, especially in the area around the city of Tarquinia – where our company is based – and in the neighbouring territories.
Today we can find the Roman artochoke IGP in the largest European and Italian markets.

Watermelon is a typical summer fruit, a sort of red-green bomb full of vitamins, potassium, lycopene, carotenoid.

Its antioxidant properties are useful for the health of our heart and arteries and decrease the risk of cancer.
You can eat it cut into small cubes or slices; it provides freshness and healthy substances as it contains no fat, little sugar and a few calories; this is why it is also very efficient in diets; it helps to decrease sugar in blood as it is rich in water.
The king of the summer stalls, the watermelon reminds us of childhood nights, when the school year had just closed and we were ready for sea holidays.

We use innovative agricultural technology and, at the same time, we take care of the environment and preserve the territory.
After storage, the products undergo a strict quality check and selection, to be finally put on the market.

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